Young Adults Get ReCharged

The Young Adult ReCharge Retreat was recently held in Noosa. Organised by the SQ Adventist Youth Department, 60 young adults took time-out to rest from the important and necessary work of life and focus on that which is of eternal significance, Jesus Christ.

The speaker for the weekend was Sven Ostring, Director of Discipleship Movements for the Greater Sydney Conference, who focused on what it means to have authentic faith in the 21st century. Pr. Ostring highlighted that church is more than just a destination point and includes God’s people becoming more effective in fulfilling the mission that Jesus has given. The important relationship between faith and reason was also addressed where atheism”s confidence in human reason could only be justified if there was a God who created the mind that was capable of reason.

Practical methods of Bible study and prayer were shared, followed by young adults giving personal stories of transformation through prayerful Bible reading at the retreat. This is the second ReCharge Retreat, which continues to grow each year by God’s grace. The 2015 Young Adult ReCharge Retreat will be held at Camp Somerset. The weekend talks by Pr.Ostring can be downloaded here, also check out the photo gallery to find yourself or people you may know.