How Can I Figure out This 20-something Thing?

Figuring this 20-something thing out is where most of the youth are at right now. Your 20’s are the time when we experiment and ‘find’ ourselves. Because this is such a prevalent issue, Café Q on August 15th, 2014 covered this topic. Trinette Stevenson presented the topic, focusing on the desire for change through work and relationships.

Compared to previous generations, millennials are willing to wait for that perfect job. Having a reputation for ‘job-hopping’, we can be viewed as ‘unstable’, but, in reality, we are simply trying different things to see how well they fit with is. For us, it’s all about fulfilment over stability.

With the bombardment of technology we have flooding our lives, our relationships are becoming more ‘connected’ but are we really connecting? Our relationships are becoming the people we know, plus the vast amount of online communities. That is a lot of people. Because there are so many different people we could possibly interact with, we might be connecting,

but we are socially confused. Without that face-to-face aspect of a relationship, when the time comes for that, we are often socially awkward and unsure of how to act. Essentially, we are ‘frying’ our relationships through online social interactions.

Today’s adults have a stronger focus on work than they do on relationships. This can produce a negative stereotype for millennials because we are the exact opposite. This is due to our relationships being more easily accessible, therefore placing a higher value on them. In the end, it simply comes down to a different way of thinking.

What does this mean for Christian 20-something’s though? The truth is, you can never be wholly developed as a person, so there is no point in waiting for that to happen. Take the time to discover who you are through your relationships and your partner.

If we want to be world changers for Christ, we need to capture the faith and life-changing manner of the Gospel and integrate it into emerging technology. Although hearts cannot be changed through technology, it is the first step of connection.

Don’t give up hope for change, because this hope is certain through Jesus. Anchor your heart and hope, not on work and relationships, but in divine grace that has been assured by God. Use your desire to change to integrate all these aspects together.

There is a difference between ‘slackers’ and world changers. Be a world changer for Christ.