Easter – A Time to Remember

For Christians, and even non-Christians alike, Easter is a time for us to remember that Christ died for our sins and rose again.

I remember when I was in lower primary school and we had a Bible class at school, the teacher was attempting to illustrate to us what it would have been like for those who found Jesus” tomb empty. We all were given a reasonably sized Easter egg, and boy we were excited! The teacher then instructed us to unwrap the chocolatey goodness and place it on the desk in front of us. I remember my friend and I thought it was absolute torture!

Our teacher stood out the front of the classroom and asked us, “What”s inside your egg?”. Some kids, attempting to be silly, told her there were chickens or lollies inside their eggs, while others told her that they were not sure. She then told us the story about how Jesus” body was placed inside a tomb the door was closed up with a large stone so it was completely sealed – much like an Easter egg so that the filling etc. couldn”t run out.

Taking a knife, the teacher ran it slowly along the join of her Easter egg and then held the egg in her hands waiting. As curious youngsters, we were all trying to get a good look at what on earth she was doing. Don’t we just crack it open and eat the jolly thing? Gently she pulled the two halves of the egg apart to reveal there was nothing inside – it was a hollow and empty egg. A hush fell over the class, as we were all confused as to what she was trying to say. She proceeded to finish the story by explaining a few days after Jesus’ body was laid to rest in the tomb, it was found completely empty – just like her Easter egg.

This Easter, and as you proceed to finish off your Easter chocolates, remember that although Jesus died on the cross for your sins, he rose again as a promise that he will indeed return for us when the time comes.

Happy Easter!

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