Connect: Christ and Community

For the SQ Youth, 2014 is the year of mission. Inviting people from outside the church to fellowship and join the Seventh-day Adventist community is the main focus.

Saturday July 26th 2014 was the second SQ Youth Rally for the year. In keeping with the focus for this year, the day was all about connecting Christ and community.

Several community services (including DreamTrack and StormCo, just to name a few) spoke about their ministry and some of their interactions with people in the community. These groups are a great way to, not only benefit the community through service, but aid in fostering relationships with a new group of people in the hope to brighten their day (even just a little bit).

As well as this, several of the youth shared with us how they personally connect with Christ.

Nelson Laconi gave us his take on what it means to ‘connect’. He spoke about how we need to connect with Jesus before we can connect to those in the community. Because we each create our own picture of God, based on what we have read in the Bible or have been told at church, we often lack that clear image of who God truly is. Rather than connecting with an ‘image’ of God we have constructed, we need to work on finding out who the true God is and focus on connecting with Him.

Nathan Fraser connects with God through nature. It is that time spent with God amongst His creation that we are able to marvel at the wonder of God and how amazing He truly is.

Latisha Iosefa uses music to forge her connection with Christ. Being able to worship and commune with Him in such a personal way allows her to give her all to God. Latisha’s music is her main source of connection with God and He is able to help strengthen her resolve against anything she might be facing.

Kiran Roberts finds God in the silence; waiting for the voice of Christ and intentionally listening for it. Just like when Jesus connected with his Heavenly Father, He sought silence and that silence is a way of removing the distractions of everyday life and focusing solely on God.

Danika Poland uses service to connect with God. Doing the work of the Lord with people that are in need, can be a way of connecting through people with God. God calls people to service and is constantly encouraging them to continue their personal mission.

Alina Coccetti connects to God through adoration. By setting time aside each every day to spend with God, giving Him your undivided attention, is a great way to get to know God better. Relationships take time and effort and by spending time with God through Bible study and prayer, you are forging a deep connection and allowing Him to become a part of your life.

Take the time to make the connection with Christ. Come as we are to God and be open to forming a connection with Him. Regardless of how you personally connect with God, it is important to keep that connection strong. Stay ‘plugged in’ to Christ.

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