We the Church

Respect, trust and contentedness will count in the final countdown

"And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom." - Luke 23:42

SQ Youth is a christian youth ministry operated by the Seventh-day Adventist church in the South Queensland (SQ) region.

We serve God, young people and Teen, Youth & Young Adult ministry leadership teams in this beautiful part of Australia.


“Young people who are lifelong students of the Master- Disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Imagine young people who are fully devoted to Christ and engaged in his service.

What would happen if you found the time? If you were empowered? If you were to engage in an understated radical decision to change your life and community for good by becoming a DISCIPLE of CHRIST?

A quiet revolution of positive change in our communities through the power of God. A humble and faithful generation of young people that are inspired and that inspire others to LIFE! A life well lived with eternity a reality. A life of adventure in service and the unparalleled satisfaction that comes from knowing Christ.

This is the beginning of wisdom!


“Growing Disciples & mobilising Leaders in healthy growing youth ministries.”