Youth Ministries Coaches

The Situation

Seventh-day Adventist Church Youth Departments have the responsibility for the oversight of youth ministry in particular regions. The ultimate aim of all youth ministries is to answer Jesus call to co-mission in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and to make disciples. Youth departments are engaged in overseeing the various ministries that assist in making disciples and also in mobilising local church leaders in having healthy growing youth ministries.

The difficulty is that the immediate tasks of overseeing the various corporate youth ministries and their associated administration, leaves Youth Directors with very limited time for the important and urgent task of effectively working one on one with local church leaders. The health and strength of local church youth ministry is foundational to the overall health and strength of Youth Ministry for the Conference as a whole. If the local church youth ministry is suffering then the corporate youth ministry highpoint events become more of a stop gap and emergency buffer for young peoples faith development. The young persons home and local church through the working power of the Holy Spirit is the primary crucible for the spiritual development of young people.

Given the importance of local church youth ministry and the current working situation of Youth Directors a solution needed to be found to create supportive mentoring and added stability for both local churches and the Conference Youth Department.

The Jethro Principle found in Exodus 18:13-26 was the answer to the problem at hand. This model of ministry management was already working successfully over many years in Pathfinder Ministry. The use of District Directors to mentor and support local church Pathfinder leaders had provided ministry growth as well as stability from the constant change of leaders at both local church and conference levels of administration.

We felt this approach was needed for teen, youth and young adult ministries. By God’s grace over the past 5 years a ministry network of Regional Youth Ministry Coaches has been developing and we are at the point of seeing this approach begin to mature with tangible results.

Youth Ministry Coach Role & Priorities

The role of a youth ministry coach is to support, mentor and encourage local church teen, youth and young adult leaders at local churches in a given region.

Youth Ministry Coaches have 5 Priorities

  1. Leader Care
  2. Vision & Planning | Strategic Youth Ministry Support
  3. Healthy Balance of Five | Training leaders on the 5 key aspects of a healthy growing youth ministry
  4. Discipleship H.A.B.I.T.S. | Resourcing leaders in assisting young people in developing Discipleship Habits.
  5. Friendship Culture | Training leaders on how to create a strong friendship culture that connects young people.

Our Vision of Local Church Teen, Youth and Young Adult Leaders

“Confident & resourced leaders with a sense of Adventist identity that are building youth ministries that disciple young people for Christ while experiencing personal balance, excellence & satisfaction.”

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