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"He is a merchant, the balances of deceit are in his hand: he loveth to oppress." - Hosea 12:7

Life can be tough in higher education. It brings the potential challenges and opportunities of new friends, new learning experiences, and new opportunities for mission. Adventist Student Association South Queensland, or ASA SQ, is here to help make that experience one that is meaningful and where you feel supported as you train for your chosen career.

ASA SQ looks after our campus ministries and is designed to connect Adventist students with each other on campus, wherever that happens to be. So, if you want to get connected with other Adventist students and potentially reach out in ministry to other students then come join our team!


What is ASA SQ Youth?

ASA SQ Youth is the official organisation for Adventist campus ministry on non-Adventist college and university campuses within the South QLD Conference Youth Department. ASA SQ Youth is part of the The Adventist Students Association(known as ASA) national network of tertiary student communities in Australia.


“Growing a discipleship movement of tertiary students who are connecting to Jesus, living missional lives and building communities of faith on SQLD campuses.”


“Developing disciples in campus ministries that connect students vocation to their faith.”


  • To build ASA SQ chapters that honor God and nurture the spiritual lives of students on campuses.
  • To engage students in the mission of the church through relational evangelism and Christ-centered student associations.
  • To empower local ASA SQ associations, churches and sponsors through pastoral support, professional training and access to resources.

ASA SQ Chapters

  • University of QLD – ST. LUCIA Facebook page
  • Griffith University – GOLD COAST Facebook page
  • University of Southern QLD – TOOWOOMBA
  • University of the Sunshine Coast – SIPPY DOWNS Facebook page
  • Queensland University of Technology – KELVIN GROVE Facebook page

Launch an ASA SQ Chapter


How To

  • ASA How To | Guides
  • Quick Start Guide to Public Campus Ministry | Guide

Bible Study Resources


Pr. Alina Coccetti

Tertiary & Young Adults Director

Phone: (07) 3218 7777

Email: [email protected]

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